Urban Lion Jewish Learning



The process of bringing together my two greatest passions, Judaism and education, has been a life-long journey for me.  As far back as I can remember, aside from scoring goals on the soccer field, teaching and learning were truly my first life passions.  I knew from a very young age that I wanted to go into education as a profession.  

Though the core of my own Jewish learning and connection to Jewish communal life came later, I have always been intrigued; Judaism is an ancient tradition and religion that continues to bind together generation after generation, guiding us to grow and to learn and to live in the ways of our ancestors WHILE fully immersed in the modern world in which we live.  

It was through my own thirst for and exploration of Jewish knowledge and community over the years that a new passion was born: the personal interest to bring Judaism and teaching together; to create innovative and thoughtful methods of teaching an ancient tradition in a modern context, to create space for each individual and family to find connection and meaning while building Jewish identity within their own life context and with consideration of the modern world around them.

My passion for Jewish teaching and learning has grown and manifested in many ways over the years.  I left my parent's home in California after high school to work toward a double bachelors degree in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies and Hebrew Language and Literature from Brandeis University.  I attended the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem and New York, to obtain a masters degree in Jewish Education.  I have taught five years in Jewish progressive day schools in both Los Angeles and New York, and worked in camps, religious schools, youth groups, lead Israel trips and developed various curricula.

Throughout my years as an educator, I have found tremendous joy and success in my one-on-one and small group interactions with students.  This inspired me to start Urban Lion Jewish Learning, working full-time as a private educator.  I work with all ages; pre-school thru upper elementary, middle and high school students, and with adults from beginning to advanced levels of Jewish learning.   My young students have taught me that children can be the most profound thinkers of our world and that they are my teachers as much as I am theirs!  My teenagers have given me strength of mind and patience as an educator, and have taught me the importance of knowing your students, honoring individual needs and interests, and encouraging each mind and soul by inspiring thought and self-expression.  My adults teach me that learning can, in fact, be a lifelong endeavor...I have adult students chanting Torah in their synagogues, having adult bnei mitzvah, speaking modern Hebrew, and even going to rabbinical school!  My work with adults inspires my own personal commitment to life-long learning and my drive to dive in!

From incredible programming and amazing educators all over the world, I was given the tools to explore and incorporate into my own life a Judaism of life-long teaching and learning, love for and connection to others, and commitment to Jewish peoplehood as well as the greater world....and I am now blessed to spend my days creating dynamic and personalized Jewish educational experiences for others to explore their Judaism as well.  My passions have become my career...who could ask for more?!